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Riddle me this? How much money should you have to spend, for college, only to get in debt up to your eyeballs, before you even get a job? The answer is: A heck of as lot! Listen in as I cover this hot topic and why more lenders (both REO and Short Sale) are disallowing transactional funding proof of fund letters. We will also discuss whether or not short sale lenders can put deed restrictions on a property when they are not the owners, plus whether or not REO banks can put deed restrictions on properties. How and why Home Owners Associations/Condo Associations and municipal utility agencies, become first position debt owners before 1st or 2nd lien holders. We will discuss how to get paid a large fee on a short sale property without taking title and how Chase’s discount guidelines when they send their 2nd lien bad debt to their recovery department, and much more. Visit www.fridaycoffeebreak.com for more real estate videos from Patrick Precourt and North Shore Enterprises!

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One Response to “Why College is the Biggest Scam in America Today!”

  1. Thersa Fundora

    10. Apr, 2011

    Simply insightful! I’ve worked in the financial sector myself (interned at Goldman Sachs so I’ve been in the position of observing a lot of investors and underwriters going through IPOs. Since then, I’ve moved from hedge funds to an entrepreneurial start-up so I’m still in a remarkably clear position to observe human behavior. Although I wouldn’t say that I’m an master at investing in any way, I do know that while you can make a killing from day trading, your chances of competing with other informational traders (people who really know the stocks) are slim..and don’t even mention the dealers and brokers who have their own reputation and assets at risk! My advice: if you are looking to invest for asset management reasons, go ahead and take a brief read at an award-winning essay by Delos Chang that details the S&P 500 as a more reliable and surefire return than any sort of day trading. With the inflation, drug wars, stock bubbles, mortgage housing crises these days, you can’t just keep paying transaction costs or the capital gains tax will really make you bite the bullet (even if you’ve made a negative profit from inflation!). Opportunity cost – economics 101.

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